Trust Me~Prose

Loving you is like riding a giant roller coaster.
Slowly mounting anticipation
rushes into elevated excitement
that dips into deep sadness.

You draw near.
You stay.
You leave again. (Read more.)

As I try to hang on for dear life,
I grow frustrated, angry and fearful
with my inability to guide the ride,
my inability to speed it up or slow it down.

And then you say, “Trust me.”
And all of a sudden, I let go.

I let go of the guiding and directing and controlling,
only to discover a warm rush of feelings and
sensations my body hungers to experience …
Thirsting for the newness, the freshness and the vitality
which comes with climbing mountains,
resting on plateaus,
reaching the top and sliding down the other side.

With you,
I have re-discovered the excitement of my body
as you guide me from valleys to hills,
to the ecstasy of mountaintops.

It all happens because I’m willing to let go.
I do trust you, more than I have trusted any one.

I will journey with you into
the very human land of intimacy.
I accept your invitation to come close,
all the way into you.

And when I balk, just say, “Trust me,”
and hold me close.

I will say good-bye to the gray
clouds looming overhead,
And pay full attention to you, to me and to us.

I will continue to journey
into the secret chambers of our hearts,
where we have not yet entered.

You are beautiful and precious and perfect.
I love you the way you are,
whichever way you are.

What I want most, and mostly with you,
is intimacy and closeness.

For the first time, I am ready for the ride.
I am ready for you.
I am ready for me.

* * *

About the Author: As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Benita A. Esposito, MA combines a master’s degree in psychology and four decades of career wisdom. Benita’s intuition and gift of communication allow her to translate people’s thoughts and feelings into words so they understand themselves and each other at depth. She builds bridges between people so they can meet each other in sacred spaces where they enjoy a quality of fulfillment they have never known.

If you would like Couples Counseling or Individual Counseling, please contact me using the “Contact Form” on this site. I use Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy by Dr. Sue Johnson.

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Benita A. Esposito, MA, LPC, LCMHC
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James C. Dobson”