Couple in white midage10 Tips to Sustain Emotional Intimacy During Marital Conflicts.  Do you know the health of your marriage has a great impact on your overall physical, mental and emotional health? Listen in for some expert marriage advice.  This is an audio recording of an interview with Dr. Cindy Libert (a holistic integrative functional medicine doctor in Asheville, NC) and Benita Esposito (licensed psychotherapist in Georgia and North Carolina).  Click here to read the blog post that corresponds with this interview. (July 10, 2015. 22 minutes)


S.M.A.R.T. Women Transform Limiting Patterns in the Workplace. Benita Esposito discusses how women can transform limiting beliefs so they can shine in the work place. This 6-minute interview was aired on FISH Radio with Kevin and Taylor, Atlanta, Georgia in November 2010. Click Here to Download the Podcast from The Fish Atlanta


Stress Management Radio Show WJUL 9Aug12  Pam Roman, Director of Clay County North Carolina Chamber of Commerce and Tim Rose, Manager of WJUL Radio in Hiawassee, Georgia interviewed Benita A. Esposito, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor on 8/9/2012. (16 minutes.)

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