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“I took a Mindfulness & Meditation course that my university offered. AKD0563 insert mcwP001.art This course and everything I learned was life-changing.  I have listened to a plethora of guided meditations, trying to find the one most suited to me. I have also listened to and watched a ton of guided meditations on YouTube. Hands down, Benita Esposito’s  ‘A Journey into Wholeness’ is the best mindfulness and meditation I have ever heard!” – A.W., Entrepreneur

“’A Journey into Wholeness’ is truly extraordinary. It allows me to quickly enter a meditative state, one of absolute relaxation and tranquility.  I use it to escape from the hectic rat race of daily living.  Benita leads you through a calming and insightful journey that leaves you rejuvenated and happy!  I wholeheartedly recommend Benita’s CD for anyone seeking a more fulfilling and rewarding life.”   – J. T., V.P, Engineering Co.

“My favorite and most effective tool is Benita’s meditation, ‘A Journey Into Wholeness.’  I fell in love with how I felt the first time I listened to it. I felt free, balanced and centered, relaxed, focused and whole.” – S.B., IT Information Architect

“The music is soothing, and I really like the affirmations especially when you say ‘It’s important to be emotionally intimate with yourself. It’s the first step to being emotionally intimate with others on a deeper level.’ My favorite part is where you say, ‘I will put down my work before it makes me stressed’ and ‘I deserve a happy life.’ You talk about self-love and taking care of the body. I just love them all really.”  ~ A. G., Attorney, Atlanta, GA

“Benita’s beautiful voice gently guides me into a deeper level of soul awareness. Thank you for creating this powerful tool.”  – Lisa Michaels. Facilitator, Author and Founding Director of Natural Rhythms™ Institute.  http://www.naturalrhythms.org

“Your voice is so soothing and comforting—it was just what I needed tonight. I love connecting with the Divine and resting there. I am still floating. A Journey into Wholeness has an amazing clearing effect in the emotional realms. You have done a masterful job.  My sister asked me for a good meditation tool recently after her husband of 32 years passed on. I was at a loss for a satisfactory way to introduce her to meditation, but now I can give her this CD.”  – M.S., Farmer

“‘A Journey into Wholeness’ helps me stay calm and peaceful when I’m confronted with stressful challenges. I don’t fall as deeply into sadness as I used to, and I get back up much faster. It helps me to see past wounds and experience them again, but with different endings that help me heal. I stay focused on my soul, my Authentic Self. I’m constantly catching myself and looking at situations with different eyes, and I like myself better as a result.” – J.D. Licensed Real Estate Broker

“I was listening to the affirmations tracks on your ‘A Journey Into Wholeness’ meditation and Belleruth Naperstak’s ‘Healing Trauma’ meditation. I heard everything differently for some reason.  I wasn’t necessarily thinking about any one affirmation in particular or about anything else, for that matter.  The tears just flowed.  Soon after that, as I sat in my car, I realized that I don’t need to try to force myself to figure out ‘who I am.’  It has taken time for the layers of false identity to fall away. In God’s timing, I will become more clear about how to answer the question ‘Who am I?’  I’m becoming more comfortable with where I am, and trust even more fully that I’m where I am supposed to be in my process.” – L.S., Communications Consultant

Amazon reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow…What a gift for healing and wholeness

I have done meditations many times but never have I had emotional healing like I have with this guided meditation! Benita has a way of facilitating my connection with God like no other and it is so beautiful! I use this at least three times a week with each encounter being very different and the healings are mind blowing! When the scripture says “Be still and know that I am God,” I thought I knew what that meant but still suffered from not feeling like I could get in true communion with Jesus. I now look forward to setting aside this sacred time for healing and know each time I will be wrapped in the loving arms of God! ~ Natalie

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent guided meditation Working with young adults who are experiencing the growing pains of adjusting to college and the social/work pressures/responsibilities is NOT easy. The stress these students carry can affect their academic performance and lead to long-term side effects which is not what any college administrator wants for their college/university. As a college administrator, it is important for me to stay grounded and react to the needs of these students in a kind and caring way. This CD from Benita Esposito has helped me find my “Center Place” again! I highly recommend this CD to anyone who feels like life is pulling at you and you are to the place where you have no answers. This CD will help you find those answers. Also, this CD is for the person who wants to gain a deeper understanding of your enter person and experience personal healing. There is also a plus to using this meditational CD that you may not be aware you need. Let me explain. We all carry pains and stress from our past, this CD will help you process those pains where you can experience the healing and forgiveness for today! ~ Jenny Yearwood, University of Georgia

5.0 out of 5 stars Re-balancing / Re-centering  I’m a hard core A-Type, alpha female, seeking her softer, balanced, less aggressive side. I love the table of a hundred spinning plates that never drop. Well, plates started falling and my life started to spiral and I couldn’t find my footing. Hanging out with Benita and engaging in the world of meditation really helps with getting back on my game (in a limited fashion). You truly have to experience this CD to understand, but I hope you do. I mean, what do you have to loose? ~ Sheila B.

5.0 out of 5 stars Rejuvenation for busy Professionals Burn-out is something that I continually need to work very hard to avoid as a ‘Road Warrior’ expert in a technical field and Benita Esposito’s “Journey Into Wholeness” has been a tool that travels with me on my laptop and MP3 Player. I have used this tool at minimum 3 times each and every week throughout the past two years. Benita’s voice is calming and strengthening. Using her personal experiences as well as highly practiced education, Benita has been my life and business coach for over a decade through telephone coaching, group, retreat and one-on-one sessions. I highly recommend Benita as a coach. I recommend this CD as one of the most useful tools in keeping one grounded and focused during the highly stressful times and look forward to Benita’s production of others. ~ Laurie

5.0 out of 5 stars Complete Transformation  Benita and her teaching process has totally transformed my mindset for both my personal life and the way I will approach business going forward. I recommend this CD and any of Benita’s teachings as Benita will easily transform you into a state where you can achieve success and prosperity.  ~ Ken BecklesBeckles & Associates, Inc.


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by Benita A. Esposito




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