Benita’s Story

Like many women, I grew up believing that happiness depended on creating external experiences such as a happy marriage, a successful career, a beautiful home and just the right material possessions. Although I have been successful in business, I have experienced my share of life’s hard knocks. Romantic relationships have begun and ended, each leaving me with special gifts, insights and also wounds.

That pain has been my biggest catalyst for doing my inner healing, understanding relationships, and helping others heal their pain. During most of my 20s-40s, I suffered with anxiety, periodic depression, chronic fatigue and pain. I now realize those symptoms were rooted in the haunting need to be perfect. I developed that coping strategy as a child when I had no clue about how to heal the emotional wounds from my family of origin.

I began to cultivate inner peace through body-based psycho-spiritual healing practices, studying how to consciously create my ideal life, and deepening my intimate relationship with God. My emotional wounds have healed to a large extent, although there is always more work to do. All this suffering and the lessons I have learned keep me humble and able to empathize with my clients’ pain.

These are my most important insights after four decades of personal and spiritual growth work.

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I am a psychotherapist, a couples counselor, a life coach, a spiritual teacher and healer, a visionary, a poet, a bestselling author, an educator, and an intuitive empath. Come to me when you want to look beyond the surface of your world, pull back the covers, dust off the furniture, do a little spring cleaning, or tear the house down and rebuild it.

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“When people are doing God’s thing, they have freedom—they can laugh at themselves, they can take humiliation and non-success because their own reputation is not at stake. ”  ~ Richard Rohr. Adapted from Radical Grace: Daily Meditations, p. 11