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“When we started the weekend Private Marriage Retreat, I was seriously considering divorce, but now I am hopeful that we can take our marriage to a whole new level. We feel so blessed to have spent time with you, and realize that we could not have gotten to a better place without your support, skills and guidance. We are looking forward to continuing to heal, communicate effectively, and truly love one another. ” – Anonymous to preserve confidentiality.

“With Benita’s loving, non-judgmental guidance we learned  what she meant by “going straight up the mountain” toward transforming not just our relationship with each other, but our relationship with ourselves. We are sure that Benita’s influence on our lives will be forever.” – P&J G. RN, Employment Recruiters

Black Couple 32 smilingThis couple attended a two-day Private Marriage Retreat

Wife: Our marriage was in serious trouble before we came to see Benita. I was at the end of my rope because of all the stress and anger I felt. We were unable to communicate in a way that made me feel that my husband really understood my concerns and pain as it related to trusting him to be a committed and invested partner in our marriage. I did not feel like we were in the same marriage.

Morning of the second day of the private marriage retreat:

Today I feel like we are at the beginning of a new start. We have gained skills that will help us deal with conflicts much better. We have been able to process emotions that we have hidden from each other for a very long time. Now I feel that we are capable of handling difficult situations that may come up in our marriage. I feel confident that we both want to stay married and we genuinely want to make each other happy. I feel with more counseling that we can have a wonderful, healthy marriage the way God intended it to be.

Husband: Before this marriage retreat with Benita, my wife and I were at the point of disaster. I am so thankful and blessed that my wife took the initiative, as she always does, and set up this marriage retreat. I know for a fact that I have hurt my wife emotionally,

Morning of the second day of the private marriage retreat:

I am willing to go above and beyond to repair this union. Now that Alice and I have had a day with Benita in this marriage retreat, I have embraced several things to make this union complete and pleasing in God’s eyes.

  1. I have to be friends with my wife again.
  2. We must communicate effectively and validate each other, and build trust.
  3. I have to meet my wife needs daily.

I thank God for my wife and I love her so very much.  – Anonymous

“Benita has an uncanny ability to understand each of our unique personalities, and to help us build a bridge.  The work we did with Benita, along with the homework, gave us the skills we needed to improve our relationship. I have learned how to interact with people in a genuine way, and I love the results. I love myself, and others respect me more.  I no longer interact with others in a way that I am not true to myself and I feel stronger for this. Benita’s guidance is invaluable. She is loving, compassionate, determined, and she helps me attain my goals in a safe and loving environment.” – N.A., Speech Pathologist

“I am married to a physician, and I am his surgical assistant. Since doing Benita’s Mentorship Program together, I finally feel like we are a team, working together to heal. God bless you for helping the healers to heal. I had no idea that I could reach the deep level of healing that we did in such a short amount of time. For me to move out of my head and into my body was what I truly needed in order to feel, really feel, what was inside.”   – D.C., RN

“I continue to be thankful for all I have learned about my inner world and resources. I think of you with gratitude when I need to draw upon those places in me. I still remember the day I heard you say. “Do you want to be like an oak tree? When everything tries to shake you, your roots are anchored in the ground.” I really wanted that, but did not think I could be it. I have reaped the rewards of those days many times over. All the tears, fear, pain, money, hassles and being humbled was worth it. I cry as I think of the tenderness and love with which you helped to birth my Authentic Self. Where would I be today without that work? Not where I am. If only you could meet the man I have drawn to me. My husband takes my breath away with his exquisiteness. Never could I have been with such a man in such a way with out all of my past and all of the work we did, you and I.” – P.B., RN

Couple White 55“Our marriage has shifted from one filled with constant struggles, tension, and unhappiness, to one with clear communication, compatibility, and experiences that are fun. We will be grateful to you forever!” – J.H., Artist

“The goal of having a happy, healthy relationship was the most elusive one of all.  Benita helped me prepare for a relationship.  Then I met my girlfriend.  As the relationship deepened, we occasionally had conflicts that could have destroyed our relationship, or at least inflicted wounds that could have permanently injured it. We met with Benita to discuss these conflicts and learned new ways to work through them.  I’m very happy to report that the techniques she taught us helped us to handle the occasional conflicts much more effectively. When we discipline ourselves to use the techniques, we get through conflicts much quicker so they don’t damage our relationship.  As a result, we are more comfortable and confident in our relationship, and our future looks brighter than ever. Thank you, Benita!” – J.C., Writer/Editor/Trainer

“My husband and I did therapy with you 18 years ago when he lost a job and our marriage was floundering. After 51 years, the marriage is more solid than ever. You helped us see the right road to travel. We will always be so grateful to you for your insight and wisdom.”  – JCS, classical guitarist

Husband: “I appreciated Benita’s guidance through our one-day private marriage retreat, as difficult as it was. We never would have been able to learn about ourselves and understand our issues the way we did without Benita’s counseling. I appreciate how she held us strictly to the guidelines she set forth to keep us focused.” – B.W., flight engineer

Wife: “Benita is honest and goes straight to the point. She is patient, professional and sincerely interested in our situation. She easily understands the context of the situation without too much explanation. Benita helped me feel free to be myself. I feel that over time I will heal and improve my relationship not only with my husband, but with others around me.” – A.W.

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