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 6 Do’s and Don’ts for a Happy Healthy Relationship

Learning how to foster a fulfilling relationship is important whether you are married or single. The information I am going to share can be applied to any relationship: marriage, dating, cohabitating, friendship, siblings, parent-child, or a work relationship.  Read more


Happy Wife, Happy Life

I’m writing to men here. But if you are a woman who is married, dating or engaged, you’ll probably want to read this, too. Give him a gentle nudge to read it. Read more


How is an Intimate Relationship like a Fragrant Red Rose?

When our intimate relationships flourish, our lives radiate joy and we rest in deep peace. Our bodies feel healthy, and we naturally uplift those around us with our very presence.

Spiritual and human intimacy fill us with beauty, just like the perfume of a beautiful red rose.

Can you remember the last time you bent down to smell a rose and lingered in its fragrance?

Scented roses are very rare, and so is fulfilling romantic love. It can be the most challenging form of love, and yet it yields the deepest sweetness.

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Author: Benita A. Esposito, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor, LCMHC
The Esposito Institute, Inc.
2 Offices: Atlanta and Blairsville, GA
Psychotherapy Websites: www.Flourishing-Lives.com

None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.” ~Bail Goodwin


The Beckoning Moon

A day’s work comes to a close.
Driving down the highway, homeward bound,
Feeling content, peaceful, and happy.

The softly lit full moon, fringed with a fuzzy glow,
rests against a blanket of puffy faint clouds.
Tiny lightening bolts toss pink and yellow streaks across the sky.
Flashes of color decorate the tranquil masterpiece.
Shadowy outlines of trees draw lacy curtains over the moon.

The sweet fragrance of my perfume,
gentle sounds of jazz filling my ears,
winding around the curves,
rolling up and down the hills,
absorbed with nature’s expansive beauty.

Wishing you were here beside me
to share my joy and feel the beauty of this moment.

Author: Benita A. Esposito, M.A.

Written on 9/14/81 in the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri.
Copyright 1981. All rights reserved. The Esposito Institute, Inc.

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New Love Risking~Prose

Perhaps we will be together in many places,
in many phases of our lives:
Chatting with friends,
Swirling on the dance floor,
Competing in sports,
Delighting in intellectual conversations, Read more


Trust Me~Prose

Loving you is like riding a giant roller coaster.
Slowly mounting anticipation
rushes into elevated excitement
that dips into deep sadness.

You draw near.
You stay.
You leave again. (Read more.) Read more


Trusting Others~Prose

Sometimes in our darkest hours,
we have to rely on the knowledge
and perception of others.

We have to trust. Read more


Feeling Safe~Prose

Feeling safe, secure, calm and quiet.
Even in the midst of trials and confusion,
The memories of your smiling eyes
and your gentle touch
soothe my troubled mind. Read more


Your Gentle Constant Encouragement~Prose

Hibiscus, yellow

You are willing to give up what you are for the sake of what you can become.

In so doing, you flourish and thrive.

I search for the truth from some source external, and I endure the suffering of the struggle. Read more