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What Creates True Fulfillment?

The Positive Psychology Perspective   At age 21 when I was in the Clinical Psychology graduate program, I wasn’t like the other students. I was interested in how high achievers learn to lead exceptional lives.


Conscious Creating Retreat

New Year’s Day Retreat 2023 Location: Virtual meeting on Zoom Registration Deadline: December 17, 2022.  . How do you like the idea of being an empowered conscious creator while staying deeply rooted in your spiritual connection?  Our lives, especially during the holidays, are stressful for many of us. We may be so consumed with everyday […]


Thanksgiving Message 2021

I am thankful every time you slow down enough to listen to your innermost needs. I am thankful every time you soften your Inner Critic’s quips with self-compassion.    I am thankful every time you pursue your dreams instead of running from your fears.