Conscious Creating Class


Conscious Creating Class

New Year’s Day 2024 via Zoom


Are you a high achieving successful person but … 

•           You’re not satisfied with your current life. 

•           You feel a restless yearning for more fulfillment.

•           Your relationships are not as gratifying as you would like.

•           You like aspects of your work, but you want your career to be more meaningful and less stressful.

•           Your emotions, mental clarity or physical health reduce your productivity.

•           You make plans, but you procrastinate sometimes.

•           You know there has got to be a better way to live your life.


You will receive expert coaching to:

1.         Crystalize a picture of your ideal life and start creating it.

2.         Stop comparing yourself to others, which only creates suffering.

3.         Define your core values so your decisions naturally lead in the direction of your dreams.

4.         Strengthen your relationship with your spiritual connection.

5.         Reduce your stress so you can enjoy greater physical & emotional well-being.

6.         Pinpoint your unconscious self-sabotage strategies.

7.         Manage fear and other reactive emotions.

8.         Increase your self-worth. Become your own best friend.

9.         Enjoy more fulfilling personal and business relationships.

10.      Understand your Authentic Self.

Special benefit: The high-level group consciousness fosters personal growth so everyone accelerates their ability to accomplish their dreams. 

Why do I teach “How to be the creative force in your life?

My mission is to raise the quality of life on the planet.  Humanity suffers from relationship dysfunction, abuse, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, obesity, and dis-ease. One of the main reasons for these conditions is that people do not know how to create a truly fulfilling life rooted in their core values. I do not want you to continue to waste your precious time, money, and energy. I want you to pass on greater wisdom to increase the quality of life for your loved ones.  

According to research by Dr. Dean Ornish (a cardiologist), people who participate in a support group are far more likely to heal from life-threatening diseases and live longer. I don’t want you to wait until you have a crisis to learn how to manifest a truly fulfilling life. Consider how powerful a group led by an expert coach would be for you.


“Benita can pinpoint the feeling at the core of every problem, and this sparks courage to delve deep inside.  Benita has always been right on target at getting to the root of the matter. She is truly a gifted healer and coach. I have been astounded these past fifteen months when I have brought her personal problems to resolve from A to Z. I’m astounded at how her approaches always work.” – L. B., Technical Writer  


My Promises to You 

You’ll come away with insights that were not even on your radar screen. My forte’ is to spot self-defeating patterns and to teach you how to achieve success. If you do not know what is impacting you from an unconscious level, you cannot change it. 

We will take the much-needed time to look deep within. I will help you get clear on what is really important to you, and coach you to create it.   

Who’s Invited

High-achieving adults who want to be empowered to be the conscious creative force in their lives and deepen their spiritual connection. This group is appropriate for highly sensitive people and others.

Location: Zoom from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. 

Date: New Year’s Day 2024.  12 noon – 3pm Eastern. (9:00am-noon Pacific)


Tuition: $175.

Registration Deadline: December 29, 2023

Affiliate Program: When you refer a friend who is not a client and they take the class, you will receive $25.00 off.

Recordings:  You will be able to access recordings so you can integrate the learning more completely. 

Suggested study:  The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz. Please buy your book now and start reading. It’s available on Amazon as a Kindle, audiobook and paperback for $10-14.

 Format: The class will contain lectures, group participation, and didactic coaching.  

“Now, I realize that I am the only one holding me back. I am responsible for my schedule and finances. I don’t have to give up my desires, and that does not make me a selfish person. I can recognize when my plate is too full to add someone else’s portion. Not only have I been cleaning out my closet, but also my head and heart. I never knew how liberating forgiving others could be. – SP, Pre-school owner, GA

How to register: 

(1) Complete the questionnaire on the Contact Page and tell me you want to enroll in this class. I’ll contact you within 24 hours Monday-Thursday.

(2) If you live in the USA, make a payment to Benita-Esposito via Venmo. 

(3) If you live outside the USA, you’ll use PayPal. Ask me to send you an invoice, or make a payment: Benita@EspositoInstitute.

Phone: 770 998 6642

If you are a new client, please complete the form on the Contact Page and request a 10-minute interview to make sure this class is a good fit for you. 

Note: After completing this class, you may join an advanced class to promote your mastery and receive on-going support with like-minded people.

Do you want to attend, but you are concerned about money?  

You may find that you have the money for this class simply by spending your money differently for one month. Do this exercise: List all your discretionary expenses. Then decide what money you choose to reallocate so you can take this class. Consider the examples below. (We’ll do exercises similar to this in the class. This is a freebie for you.)

Money Savers Discovery Exercise

 Do your spending habits support your values and goals? 


Lunch out 2 times a week x $15.00 = $30 / week x 4.3 weeks / month

$129 / month

Two alcoholic drinks / week @ $13.00 x 2 x 4.3 weeks / month


Latte or snack equivalent: $4.00 x 4 per week x 4.3 weeks / month


Manicure or pedicure


Two movies/month @ $10.00 each (drinks & popcorn are extra)


New clothes or miscellaneous items that you really don’t need


One dinner out per week @ $25 x 4.3 weeks / month





Go ahead. Register now while you are thinking about it. 

I look forward to seeing your eyes shine as you learn how to make your dreams come true! Complete the questionnaire on the Contact Page and tell me you want to join the Conscious Creating Class.


No-hassle Refund Policy. If you decide that the class didn’t help you, you can receive a full refund. No questions asked.



Benita A. Esposito earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology in 1976, and has four decades of experience helping people create fulfilling lives. She’s a psychotherapist, life coach and spiritual counselor. Her bestselling book (a memoir with teaching stories) can be found on Amazon: The Gifted Highly Sensitive Introvert: Wisdom for Emotional Healing and Expressing Your Radiant Authentic Self. and