Your Authentic Self–Definition

I’m often asked, “What does it mean to be your Authentic Self?

Does it mean that you are happy all the time?  If you aren’t happy all the time, does that mean you have not arrived at being truly authentic? Does it mean that you are never afraid? No, not at all.

Here’s my definition of what it means to live as your Authentic Self.

1.    You are continually growing into the divine blueprint God designed for you. No two snowflakes are exactly alike, and neither are we. You use every situation to become more conscious on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Read more


How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

If you are amongst the brave, you have fallen in love and taken your chances. Inevitably, our hearts are broken, whether within a long-term marriage or a short-term relationship.  In the following story, I share about my broken heart. Although my particulars may not be yours, please read the story with the intent to glean the wisdom that is meant for you or your loved ones at this time. Read more