Deep Emotional Healing Retreat October 2015

Explore, Excavate, Express your Authentic Self. 

Retreat Dates: October 30-November 1, 2015.

Early Bird Date: 9/19/15. Save $40.00.  

fall-leavesUnresolved emotional wounds decrease your ability to create fulfilling relationships, a meaningful career, and increase anxiety. Eventually, these wounds will also take a toll on your physical health.

What Makes My Retreats so Powerful?

This retreat is a safe place for you to dive deep into emotional healing so you can experience major transformation in a compressed time. Private counseling sessions of 55 minutes just don’t allow for this kind of deep healing.  Here, you have an entire weekend to explore emotional material, peel away layer after layer, allowing your Authentic Self to shine brightly. You will benefit from my 4 decades of professional counseling expertise, but the most powerful healing force is the Holy Spirit. You can achieve 6-12 months worth of progress in one weekend. Really!

Resolve family of origin wounds and the limiting patterns that were set up because of them. This is sometimes called “shadow work.” When the clouds vanish, the sun shines through.


Married: Are you frustrated with conflicts that just won’t stop? Do you get emotionally triggered, even when you don’t want that to happen?

Singles: Do you want to prepare yourself for a healthy fulfilling relationship? You know that when you upgrade your own consciousness, you will attract a romantic partner who functions on a higher level.

Or, do you have a  strained relationship with a child or parent?  Learn how to remain true to your Authentic Self and set healthy boundaries for self-care while building healthy relationships. Communicate in ways that help everyone feel safe: safe to open, explore, and grow.

SELF-AWARENESS: Do limiting thoughts and “monkey-mind chatter” create worry? Do you suspect that unresolved emotional wounds from your family of origin may be sabotaging your relationships? Examples are: physical or sexual abuse, emotional or verbal abuse, physical abuse, emotional neglect or emotional detachment. Do you suspect that unhealed wounds may be contributing to ill health, obesity, damaged relationships or limits to your career?  Do you procrastinate or avoid conflicts?  I will help you dig deep to examine your patterns, become more self-aware, and heal emotional wounds so you can be set free. Before you can create flourishing relationships, you must know your Authentic Self. Paradoxically, this means that you must accept yourself right were you are, and then you are set free to change.

CAREER: Do you find yourself working too much? You don’t have enough time for your family or “me” time? Do you want to create a meaningful career that reflects your true Authentic Self? Are you frustrated because you do not receive appropriate compensation?  Do you sense the creative reservoir within, but you don’t fully express your gifts in the world? I’ll help you excavate the wisdom that already lies within you so you can shine as your Authentic Self in your career.

HEALTH: Do you experience physical illness or pain? Do you sense there might be an emotional, spiritual or lifestyle component that needs to be resolved? When you heal the psycho-spiritual root, many times pain lessens or disappears. You body feels safe to relax. Your body heals faster. I’ll help you uncover the core cause of the dis-ease and experience God’s healing grace.

EYE Micah Morrow freeSPIRITUALITY: Do you feel called to your next step of spiritual growth? Is divine discontentment knocking at your door? Experience the sweetness of spiritual intimacy nestled in unconditional love. Jesus’ greatest commandment is to love God, and to love each other as ourselves. That means that you must fully love your self. Allow this love to grow in you, as you.

The Promise of the Retreat

Lift your relationships, career, health and spirituality to a whole new level.

Experience rigorous yet gentle leadership tailored to your unique learning style. Receive insights so compelling that you naturally flow into effective action instead of getting bogged down in self-defeating patterns. Allow God’s love to flood you, heal you and release wave after wave of creativity. Bask in the sweetness of spiritual intimacy, drawing ever closer to God, our source of rich and deep healing. Enjoy accelerated healing in the beauty of our mountain lake.

Lake Chatuge, Hayesville, NC

Lake Chatuge, Hayesville, NC

Location: My home overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains and Lake Chatuge, bordered by the Chattahoochee National Forest. Young Harris, GA. Two hours from Atlanta, Chattanooga and Asheville.

Retreat Activities. You will complete a questionnaire three weeks before the retreat telling me exactly what you want to create in your life. I will design processes to meet your specific needs. The agenda remains fluid throughout the retreat so that we optimize results for everyone.

There will be several types of experiential learning formats to facilitate your deep transformation:  (1) I will coach you while the group learns vicariously. Group members learn more than they ever thought possible by observing someone else being coached. We have plenty of  Q&A sessions to answer all your questions.

(2) Several people who have similar issues will participate in a process simultaneously.

(3) We will have at least one long Breathwork session which will create deep spiritual-psychological-emotional-physical transformation. (Click here to read two client stories about breathwork.)

(4) Short lectures, written exercises, hand-outs, movement to music, mindfulness, deep breathing, relaxation, body-awareness activities, and didactic conversations.

Read this before applying for this retreat.

FAQs – Breathwork

FAQs – What is it like to attend a Retreat?

TallulahGorgeFalls BEspositoSchedule: October 30 – November 1, 2015

Friday 7:00pm-9:00pm. Introductions. 

Saturday and Sunday

Group 9am – 12:00pm

Break  12 – 2:00pm

Group  2:00 – 5 or 6:00pm

Saturday evening: group dinner.

Please be flexible on the ending time to accommodate the needs of the group.

We will take one long break during the afternoon to exercise at the Lake, meditate, nap or deepen friendships. It’s your choice.

Prerequisite:  New clients must have at least 3 private sessions. This can be on the phone or video-conference. Retreats are intense, so I need to make sure you are prepared.

Tuition $495.00 (Meals and lodging are on your own.)Rhodie, Fuscia 27KB

Early Bird $450. Save $40 when you pay in full by midnight 9/19/14. A deposit of $50 holds your place. Pay with PayPal.

Enrollment is by invitation only.  For an interview, schedule a phone appointment with Benita Esposito. Call 770.998.6642

Prerequisite: A minimum of 3 private sessions.

Note: Every retreat is different and is designed to meet the needs of the specific participants. Some people like to attend several retreats a year for several years, deepening their growth, and renewing friendships with other participants.

Facilitator: Benita A. Esposito

Benita is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Christian Healer with four decades experience. I respect your beliefs, including all spiritual paths that advocate love and respect for life.BE_Hat_side 6Jul13


Last night while soaking in the hot tub, I had a mental slideshow of past retreats and how transformative they’ve been for me.  For many years there’s been a deep ache inside of me because my father didn’t affirm me. This unresolved pain caused great difficulty with my romantic relationships. During the breathwork session at the last retreat, while I was in a dreamy state, I appeared as a radiant bride and my Dad finally gave me the adoration I have wanted all my life. Now six months later, I still feel the love that was planted in me during that retreat. What a priceless journey, worth more than gold!  – T.H, Entrepreneur

“By working with Benita Esposito over the last eight years in one-on-one and in group settings, I have deeply explored the outer reaches of consciousness, and the inner depths of my body-mind-soul-emotions. Via strong empathetic connection with me, Benita has intuitively guided me and coached me through issues so I can create healthy personal and business relationships. I benefit most from group retreats where there is a mixture of people’s energies. The extended time to work on things is crucial to digging deep and making major changes, while the beautiful Nature settings give me the soothing arena I need to process the experiences. Jump at the chance to be involved in a retreat as often as possible – that is my recommendation. If a retreat doesn’t suit you, choose another format. It is an honor and a privilege to have Benita as the co-creator of my true destiny and journey towards my Authentic Self.”  ~ L.S., Software Engineer

Black yg woman in yellow“As we closed the retreat on Monday, I felt, probably for the first time in my life, a deep grief that I would be leaving a group of people, and a deep desire to continue to be a part of your lives, and have each of you be a part of mine. This is one of the gifts you have all given me this past weekend. My path in life has been a solitary one, and I mostly liked it that way, but at the same time I felt lonely, isolated, and different. I never before realized how much I wanted to share myself with others, and to share their path and their experience.” E.W., Software Development Consultant

“My cheek muscles have been sore since I returned from the retreat. Could this be from smiling so much that it hurts? I have to say, when I left the retreat I had some good gut wrenching cries of loss and now…. wow, I do believe that joy is here. I am walking around singing, laughing, and just having fun with myself.  I want to spread this around to everyone.”- M.F., Technical Trainer

“I just wanted to thank you again for hosting such a wonderful and inspirational weekend retreat. I continued to ride the wave all the way home! As I reflected on one of the weekend’s more intense moments I found myself crying tears of despair, but they were instantaneously transformed into tears of joy as I instinctively felt comfort from the Divine. Thanks to your guidance, I now know how to access the healing, the answers, the wisdom and the love.” ~B.M., Computer Programmer

Happy mature woman outdoors in the park

“I had never really even entertained the idea of doing a retreat. Scared me to death. This time I had some help coaxing me to go, but I knew I would do it anyway. Once my spirit decided it was the place to be, then it was so powerful that I had to surrender. So far it’s been one life changing experience after another. Right now I am flying. Can you tell? I mean high! I feel like running up this path barefooted if I have to. What an amazing life I have!” – V.S., Psychotherapist

Click here to read 2 retreat stories.

View the list of hotels and restaurants. Book your hotel early. Space fills up quickly if there is a convention in town.

Tuition: $495.00Success Starts Here FlashBuddy Morguefile Free

Early Bird $455.00. Save $40 when you pay in full by September 19.

Want to make 2 payments? That’s OK. Call me.

To Register, call or email Benita A. Esposito, LPC. Cell: 770.998.6642


Reserve your seat now to ensure your seat. This small intimate retreat consists of 5-7 people. (I will hold the retreat with only 4 people, but we will only meet Saturday and Sunday, 9am-5pm.)

Pay with your bank account, credit or debit card on  Or mail a check to: The Esposito Institute, P.O. Box 1074, Young Harris, GA 30582. Cash is fine, too.

Want to save money on lodging? There are two private bedrooms available in the apartment in my home. Please contact me for reservations @ $39 per night per person. Call 770.998.6642. After the bedrooms are filled, you may sleep on a deluxe air mattress in the living room (overlooking the lake and mountains) for $25/night.

Refund Policy • 26 or more days before the retreat, there will be a full refund minus a $50 processing fee. • 15-25 days before the retreat, there will be a 50% refund, minus a $50 processing fee. • No refunds 0 – 14 days before the retreat.

“When you polish your facet of the diamond, the whole diamond glows more brilliantly.” ~ Benita A. Esposito, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor