Conscious Creating Retreat

New Year’s Day Retreat 2023

Location: Virtual meeting on Zoom

Registration Deadline: December 17, 2022. 


How do you like the idea of being an empowered conscious creator while staying deeply rooted in your spiritual connection? 

Our lives, especially during the holidays, are stressful for many of us. We may be so consumed with everyday activities that we don’t stop to reflect on what will generate a truly flourishing life. 

That’s what happened to me for the first half of my life. I was busy with work, relationships, sports and household chores. I thought I was in touch with my Authentic Self, but when things didn’t go the way I wanted, I felt anxious or deflated. Perhaps I made a mistake at work and I felt ashamed. Or maybe my mom or my boyfriend didn’t give me the quality connection I craved. The part of me that didn’t feel whole took center stage, and I didn’t know how to find my way to the core of my being because I didn’t really know who I was.

Trying to feel fulfilled was like riding on a roller coaster … succeeding and failing … rising up and falling down … anxiety mixed with brief periods of ecstasy.

This uncomfortable roller coaster ride motivated me to study how to be the conscious creative force of my life. Normal wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted what Maslow called self-actualization.

There are many things I have to share with you about conscious creating, but one of the most important things is that we all have several parts in our inner family. Sometimes these parts want different things. They have distinctive values, goals and attitudes. If we don’t figure out how to resolve our inner conflicts, we’ll be far less successful than we could be. Here are some examples. 

Our inner high achiever declares that she wants to make $150,000 in 2023 (or whatever your next benchmark is.) But if we charge ahead with that goal, we’ll suffer from the stress. We won’t get 8 hours of sleep. We won’t take 30 minutes to meditate daily or to exercise five days a week. We’ll probably work 6 days a week.

Our people-pleasing part wants to eliminate our irritability and impatience, but our inner critic gets so frustrated with people’s incompetence that she blows up.

Our inner adult, like Mr. Spock on Star Trek, wants to increase our knowledge base to propel our career success. We might want to enroll in a degree program or take several continuing education courses.

Northern Lights by lightscap on unsplash

Our inner free child wants to relax and unwind. She wants to go on vacation, visit the Grand Canyon and see the Northern lights. She wants to create a healthy romance where she can cuddle up at night with her beloved feeling safe, secure and sexy.

Our inner nurturing parent vows to get at least one massage a month, visit the chiropractor for regular health maintenance, do art work, and visit friends.

Our inner accountant tells us that we don’t have money for two vacations this year. We’re going to have to create a budget and save money. The inner free child doesn’t want to adhere to the discipline of a budget.


You might ask these questions:

How can I find the time to do it all?

How can I create balance?

I ask you these empowering questions:

What is the Holy Spirit urging you to do? Did you ask?

What will help you feel whole no matter if you fail or succeed?

What would you try if you couldn’t fail?

What are you truly passionate about?

What do you want to say “yes” to in 2023 and what do you need to say “no” to … for now?

I want you to be successful AND I also want you to feel unconditional self-acceptance every step of the way.

If you want to upgrade your skills to create a truly flourishing life … not just set and forget New Year’s resolutions … join us for the Conscious Creating Retreat on January 1, 2023. Registration deadline: December 17, 2022. Complete the questionnaire on the Contact Page and tell me you’re interested in the Conscious Creating Retreat. I’ll respond within 48 hours, Monday-Thursday.


We’re always aspiring to new heights. We’ll never fully “arrive” except for special moments of enlightenment. That’s when you feel whole … no matter what is happening around you. Hopefully, you get to experience many moments of enlightenment in your lifetime. It’s my greatest joy to design environments where this happens. That’s GOLD.

Knowing your Authentic Self … your spirit-led-self … who is intimately connected with the Holy Spirit is the root of true fulfillment … whether you are succeeding or failing, or happy or sad.

I love guiding people to dream big and craft actionable steps.

We come together in the Conscious Creating Retreat to ride the wave of group consciousness so it’s easier for all of us to expand our abilities to achieve our goals. We tune into God and listen to the highest callings for our lives.

We take the time to ask important questions so that we can create a life full of rich texture. We meditate and contemplate. There’s no rush. We acknowledge what is working well in our lives and we celebrate that.

We take a deeper look and ask, “If I were living the most fulfilling life … being true to my Authentic Self … what would that look like?”

How do I limit myself?

What support do I need?  From whom?

This is where I come in:

I will help you identify your limiting thoughts. Believe me, those pesky thoughts sneak up on us without us even knowing it. That’s why it helps to have an astute guide walking by your side.

Here’s an example of how we unknowingly sabotage ourselves.

We are taught to solve problems from a young age. We want to get rid of what we don’t want … what hurts us … what annoys us or others … or limits us.

In the book, The Path of Least Resistance, Robert Fritz explains that problem-solving is a REACTIVE model. That’s different from creating what you want to bring into being.

One example of this is trying to get rid of our critical nature as referenced above. We think we’ll be OK if we can just get rid of it.

The problem with this approach is that when the going gets tough and we don’t feel successful, we get anxious or dismayed. We’ve failed again. Our motivation plummets. We don’t have enough energy to propel us in the direction of effective action. We may give up entirely or at least for a while.

For example, when people want to lose weight and they eat a piece of cake or five cookies, they say, “Screw it. I failed so I’ll eat whatever I want for the rest of the day.” Their inner child who seeks pleasure gets to run free while the critic beats them up and another inner child feels guilty and ashamed. This results in yo-yo weight loss experiences. Most people who lose weight put it back on, plus a few extra pounds within a year or two.

There’s a better way. If we want long-term results, not short-term fixes, we must do things differently.

In the Conscious Creating Retreat, I will help you pinpoint the behaviors and beliefs that thwart your success. You’ll learn how to proceed in the direction of the path of least resistance.

I will help you learn how to eliminate life-long patterns. You will be able to unlock the door to your metaphorical jail cell and walk out into the daylight of freedom.

That’s what I want for you – the freedom to be you – fully living your Authentic Life in alignment with your Spirit-led-self and God.

In the Conscious Creating Retreat, I’ll teach you a PROACTIVE model grounded in your most precious values.

You’ll learn how to identify your north star, your guiding light, the values that are strong enough to propel you in the direction of creating your desired goals … even when the going gets tough.

You’ll experience passion to think outside the box, find solutions, and take risks to create your fondest dreams while attuned to your Authentic Self and your spiritual connection.

We’ve got some healing and excavating to do.

Come and clean out the closets in your mind.

Make way for the new.

Create a vacuum.

Create a space.

Invite in the freshly designed life that God has waiting just for you!


Schedule: One day, January 1, 2023. 10am – 5pm Eastern with two one-hour breaks.

Where: Zoom

Tuition: $225. Registration deadline on December 17, 2022.

To apply: Please return the questionnaire on the contact page. Mention your interest in the Conscious Creating Retreat. I’ll respond to you within 48 hours Monday-Thursday.

Facilitator: Benita A. Esposito, MA, LPC, LCMHC

Suggested reading: To get the most out of this retreat, read The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz. It’s OK to buy the inexpensive version.

“… you will find not only the closure to move on, but the bravery and strength to dive deep into new beginnings where you are no longer guided by the past but guided by His Spirit, as He breathes new life into you with every new step you take.”  ~ Morgan Harper Nichols