Trusting Others~Prose

Sometimes in our darkest hours,
we have to rely on the knowledge
and perception of others.

We have to trust.

Sometimes we don’t know if we can trust,
but we have to,
because there is nothing else we have to hang onto.

In these moments,

our counselors and friends and family
are extensions of the Divine,
reaching out a hand
for us to hold,
until we can find our way Home
once again.


Author: Benita A. Esposito, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor
The Esposito Institute / Professional Counseling and Life Coaching

Copyright 2012, All rights reserved. The Esposito Institute, Inc.


What can one person do?  Be authentic. Then your very presence is a catalyst for others to do the same.  ~Benita A. Esposito, MA