12 Agreements for Healthy Relationships

1.  Vulnerability + authenticity + empathy = safety and intimacy
2.  Tell the truth faster.
3.  Ask: What can I do to love my partner in more purity?
4.  Increase your ability to love yourself deeply.
5.  Find the innermost pain, be non-judgmental. Stay present. Breathe!
6. Facilitate healing by meeting the unmet needs of your partner.
7.  Speak for your self, not for your partner. Analyze yourself, not your partner.
8.  Keep your dialogue personal and specific. Eliminate generalities.
9.  Take personal responsibility for your perceptions, interpretations, and emotions.
10. Check out your interpretations with your partner to see if they are accurate.
11. Be aware of your projections. Do you see yourself and your partner accurately?
12. Develop your spiritual connection, the source of all love.

Author: Benita A. Esposito, M.A. is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with four decades experience. She combines her master’s degree in clinical psychology with her intuitive ability to detect deep causes of suffering and human potential. She can sense unconscious material to help her clients achieve their goals efficiently through her bottom-line approach.

Benita facilitates people who want to increase self-awareness, build healthy personal relationships and work teams, learn mind-body-spirit healing, and increase emotional intelligence.

She works with individuals and couples via zoom and in-person, and she leads groups and retreats in beautiful Nature settings. Benita was featured for her work with women and sexuality on CNN and was the co-host of the radio show “Your Authentic Life.”

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