My Body and I are Sacred.

Erica’s Reflections after our “Awakening the Authentic Self Retreat.”

It’s the day after our retreat, and I just got a massage this morning in Asheville, NC. My body was tired and sore from the weekend, and I wanted to take care of it. As I lay there on the table, I became aware of how much I have hated and hurt my body. As I apologized to it, I became aware of how much my body loves me, unconditionally. It has been willing to take on my pain and hold it for me. It has never resented it or withheld its love from me. My body has held every feeling, every experience that I have been unwilling or unable to feel. It has willingly kept everything that I was not willing to feel, not willing to see, and not willing to know until I was ready to remember.

As I realized how much my body loves me, many things began falling into place. I understood that Jesus came to teach us that it could be done: The Spirit conscious in the Body; God alive and awake in the flesh. He loved himself and us so much that he could do that consciously, knowing it was a teaching for all of us. Then I knew that what I am here for is to be what He taught:

Be Spirit alive and awake in the flesh.

I came into a female body into a world dominated by males, so that I could teach and learn that there is only one: male and female, light and dark, body and spirit, business and personal, worldly and cosmic. It is all one.

Today I know beyond all expression that my body and I are sacred.

Thank you, my teacher.

Erica Wieland

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