Breathwork Healing Stories – Laura

Story #1. Laura’s Chronic Shoulder Pain

Laura didn’t think the pain in her right shoulder would ever go away since the injury in 1994, so she didn’t even try to heal it. That was not the intended focus of this breathwork session that took place in 2002.

During the breathwork session, Laura’s body spontaneously twitched when she began to feel emotions. She hated that because she was embarrassed by what others might think of her. Her head and her right shoulder moved toward each other when she twitched.

As the twitching grew more intense, I was intuitively guided to push down on her pectoral muscles. This is an example of how I partner with the Holy Spirit to funnel healing into a person’s body. I told Laura that her body was unwinding, and to stop judging her movements and emotions. I told her to twitch as much as her body wanted to, and to let it shake if it wanted to.

We worked together for about 15 minutes. And then, to our amazement, her shoulder pain totally subsided. We hadn’t even been trying to heal the shoulder pain. We were just allowing emotions to be felt and expressed so the body-mind-emotional armoring could relax. I call this unwinding.

Several years later in 2012, Laura reported that she had no shoulder pain since that breathwork session in 2002, except once every 3 months and then it is mild. She was able to stretch and make it feel better. It never locks down in pain any more.  Before Breathwork, the intense pain frequently woke her up in the middle of the night.

What helped Laura heal during this Breathwork session?

At first, Laura had strong emotions that she couldn’t associate with any event. She accepted her emotions, not requiring an explanation for the movements or emotions, trusting her body to do what it needed to do.  She let her body move. She let her emotions be what they were and felt them. She let herself cry the full deep cry.

After the breathwork, Laura was able to make sense out of the experience.
She shared with the group, “I felt betrayal and abandonment.”

I asked, “Did that remind you of anything from your past?”

Laura said:  “Softball used to be a big part of my identity when I was 16. My self-esteem was low, so being good at softball was really important to me. I was a talented fast softball pitcher.   We were undefeated and playing for the championship. Something ripped in my shoulder during the game. We lost because I didn’t pitch well. I couldn’t play softball any more after that. I took it really hard, and I guess my shoulder froze up after that. Falling down the stairs years after that injured it even more. In the breathwork, I was able to work through the emotions, and my body let go of the holding pattern and the pain.”

Credit: Benita A Esposito

Story #2. Individual Private Breathwork Session. Laura’s Headache.

Laura couldn’t work because she had a terrible headache. She couldn’t even open her eyes. The headache was very intense. It was a 9 on a 10 point scale where 10 is high. If it had been a 10, Laura said she would have gone to the hospital.

While Laura was lying on the floor of my office, I sat behind her with my hands on her temples. She began to cry, remembering when her mom had her arteries cleaned out. The doctor sent her mom home from the hospital, but Laura and her sister had to rush their mom back to the hospital because her mom had dangerously high blood pressure and her wounds were weeping.

In this breathwork session, Laura started feeling the emotions that she had not fully felt at the time of the crisis. She started crying and yelling, “Please don’t die. Please don’t die.“ Wave after wave of fear and anguish arose as

Laura allowed her body to remember the incident while she cried. My hands on her head conducted the healing energy of the Holy Spirit.

After about half an hour, the catharsis subsided. Her headache completely went away without medication, and she was able to work again.

Note to the reader: Laura’s stories illustrate levels of mastery that are attainable with practice. She has participated in private sessions, groups and retreats.

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