What Jesus Wants for Christmas

gift-box-redI like to give people what they want, and one of the best ways to do that is to ask them.  So I asked Jesus what he wants for Christmas and this is what I heard him say.

Jesus:  First of all, I don’t need any gifts.  I have everything I want because I am one with God.  So please don’t feel that you need to get me anything.

Benita:  But I want to!  I want to show my love for you because my heart is overflowing with gratitude for who you are and what you have done for us on planet Earth.  You loved us so much that you incarnated to manifest a profound quality of love on Earth that had not been seen before. In only 30+ years you made such a difference here that people all over the world remember you and try to emulate.

Jesus: Please don’t emulate me. Remember when I told you “You can do all these things I do and more, because I go to the Father?” Remember my teachings about love? Real love does not see someone as better than another. Realize your true identity. It is your birthright. Remain humble, always feeling my love for you.

Here are some other things to consider.  Examine your insecurity when you tell other people what you think they want to hear.  That is not real love. Love your self and each other enough to tell the truth. I always told the truth even when people didn’t want to hear it.  Did I do this to try to get them to change?  No. I did it because I know who I am and my only desire is to express the truth of my being which is no different than the truth of your being, or Buddha’s or the Pope’s or the beggar’s or the cripple’s or the star athlete’s.

So if you want to give me anything, give love and truth to each other.  Examine your truths. Do your truths contain real love or do they carry destructive criticism of yourself or another?  So many of you parents are condemning yourselves because you think you have not done a good enough job raising your children. You base this judgment on the actions of your children, which certainly aren’t perfect, so you feel guilty and ashamed. Some of you think that your children aren’t going to Heaven and you grieve for them.

Give up your punishment of yourselves and them.  Please! I don’t condemn them or you. Look accurately at your behavior and attitudes. Always ask yourself what real love is and demonstrate it to the best of your ability.  But please be compassionate with yourselves when you don’t live up to your expectations. Learn from your mistakes and glean the lessons. When you are more interested in learning, you will see that there are no mistakes. All your actions lead you to greater wisdom over time. It’s on the job training.  If you keep beating yourself up, you pass self-condemnation onto your children. Pass on compassion instead.

Do not condone abusive behavior.  But, please see into the heart of the hurting child or adult who is simply missing love. The abuser and the abused are both victims. Help stop the abuse.  Learn how to extend your love and mercy while setting clear boundaries. You won’t be able to do this unless you are in a place of understanding. You come to true understanding only when you heal your own wounds and forgive your own transgressions, and accept God’s forgiveness. You are not better than another.  They are not worse. See your neighbor as yourself. Heal the hurting in yourself so you will know how to help someone else heal.  Get professional help if you don’t know how to do it by yourself, and don’t be ashamed of asking for help. It will save you a lot of time and pain.  Be my vehicles of love on Earth.  This is what I want for Christmas.

And another thing:  Look at all the stress you create during this Holiday season.  Do you think I want that?  No. Question all the things that you want to buy, how you go into debt and then worry, how you hurry and scurry and get exhausted.  You can’t keep your heart open when you are frazzled, even if you scurry in the name of love. Take care of your body.  Rest. Instead of spending all that money and getting stressed out, sit down in the middle of a forest and watch the birds and the squirrels. Go for a walk at the lake. Sit by a stream. Soak in your bathtub. Have a meaningful conversation with your family. Go to church if you find peace there.  Listen to beautiful music. Listen to inspirational CDs in your car instead of getting upset in traffic. Meditate in the quiet of your own room and ask to hear the voice of God.  Quietly listen. Create an opening to hear me and to hear your Soul.  Schedule 30 minutes every single day for quiet time, deep relaxation or a nap.  Exchange shopping for looking into the eyes of your loved ones or the eyes of a stranger.  Look deeply into their eyes until you can see Me.  Tell them how important they are to you.  Write them a love letter and share it.  Invite them to write you a letter or draw a picture of their appreciation for you. You all want to know how much you are loved and appreciated. Ask your loved ones what they really want from you that they are not getting. I don’t mean material things.  I mean things like listening to them with empathy. Or holding them, or massaging them with no other agenda. Make dates every week with your family for meaningful deep conversations.

That brings me to another point. I want to address you adults whose parents are still living.  You know the wounds you carry from not getting what you wanted from your mom and dad. You just want them to love you just the way you are. Well, they want that from you too.  Move away from the superficial level and have a real live conversation with them. Invite them to work through the hurts and pains with you. Talk about them together so you can all heal. Take the lead.  Many of your parents are nearing death, and as they contemplate not being here, they consider what is most precious to them.  It’s you! It’s their grandchildren. It’s their spouses and their pets. But sometimes they don’t have the skills to express their love effectively.  Some of them have just recently begun to be able to say “I love you” or really hug you. Do not condemn them. You all carry wounds. Take the initiative and don’t wait any longer.  You never know when they are going to be called Home. Take the opportunity to form an authentic close connection with them. This is what you can give me for Christmas.

And one more thing before I go.  I want to talk with you about grief.  There is so much grief and loss on your planet.  Rapid change is creating loss faster than ever before. Relationships change. You move more frequently. You don’t live near your extended families for love and support. Friends are more transient. People die of disease, accidents, and violence. Weather conditions and Earth changes take away your lives and destroy your homes.

 Learn to grieve with your heart wide open.

 I know that’s difficult, but it’s important to cry to open your energy again. Wail if you need to. Ask to be held by someone who will love you while you cry. Ask for what you need and want from people who will be likely to give it to you. Talk about the grief. Take good care of your body by eating nutritional foods, get the right kind of exercise and get lots of rest.  You need each other more than ever. Come together for support and make it OK to share. Get loved right where you are and don’t be ashamed of your emotions. Have the courage to cry in public, let other people care for you and end your isolation.  Find people who know how to stay present in grief and support you in healthy ways. This will end your addictions, and allow you to love when you are happy or when you are sad, or when others are happy or when they are sad.  Remember, your family needs your love most when they are angry, insecure, and hurting.  When you learn to keep your heart open in your grief, you can be there for another person in their grief. That is the nature of compassion and forgiveness. This is what you can give me for Christmas.

I came to manifest Heaven on Earth.  Please help.  You are my emissaries, every single one of you.  Know that I love you whatever level of love you are expressing.  Feel my love for you even when you are “messing up.”  Pass on my love.  This is what you can give me for Christmas.

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