Letter from Sacred Inner Beloved To Benita

Have you ever suffered from anxiety, depression or trauma? Well, I have too, so I know something about what you are going through.

There are many techniques that can help you reduce anxiety, depression and trauma. Inner Voice Dialogue is one of my favorites. Here’s how it works.

How to do Inner Voice Dialogue

We tune into our inner selves with a technique called Active Imagination. We imagine different characters inside of us, and write dialogue for the different voices, just like we would write a script for a play.

I often start writing from the part of me who feels insecure, afraid, angry or hurt. I pour my heart out on the page, feeling free to complain, whine, or protest. I do my best to feel my deep emotions, not just report them. I do my best not to censor these feelings and thoughts. I let go of self-judgment.

Then I tune into the wise part of myself, the Holy Spirit within me, and I write word for word what I hear. This is a stream of consciousness writing. Again, I let go of judgment, and just write what I hear. I never know how it will turn out before I begin. I just go with the flow of what I imagine the Holy Spirit is saying to me.

After I have written the whole thing from stream of consciousness, I review it from an objective perspective. Do I think wisdom is coming through? Does it really sound like the voice of the Holy Spirit? Or, does it sound more like my Inner Critic?  I may do several writings until I feel like I am getting down to the core emotional issues, and accessing the voice of God. I like to refer to the Holy Spirit in me as My Sacred Inner Beloved.

 Here’s a sample of one of my Inner Voice Dialogue writings with my Sacred Inner Beloved.


Dear Sacred Inner Beloved,

It’s a gray dreary winter day, and that’s exactly how I feel inside. A friend recently dumped her angry criticism all over me like volcanic ash exploding from Mt. Vesuvius. She never did that before to me, but I’ve seen her do it to others. It shocked my whole system. I have felt the judgment of other people, too, like my family members. Sometimes I feel so lonely. I know other friends dearly love me, but it’s so easy to slide into this dark place where I feel unloved.

Sacred Inner Beloved: This is what I would like you to know. Stream frm EI

My love for you endures through the centuries, and this love cannot be put out like a candle flame. Every time you feel stomped on by the ignorant judgment of people, I am still here for you, loving you, even when you forget I am here for you.

Your loneliness is a great suffering. Yet there is nothing I can do until you turn your attention to me, and call my name rather than the name of your other gods. When will you choose me as your lover?  When will you tire of all those things that you have to do: plant the gardens, water the grass, balance the books, work on your computer and take care of your clients.  All the time I wait.  I wait.  I ache for you.

I am your heart, your spirit, your life force. The world is an intriguing place with much to experience and explore. But be wary of its alluring glitz and glitter: the fantasies of Mr. Right and having to be successful. They cannot replace a true loving relationship with me … just you and me.

I long for you to come to me to share a dance between the two of us. I am your Spirit. I am the Holy Spirit.

I have desires, too. I long to intertwine my energy with you in that very magnificent human body to experience the most exquisite love and ecstasy … sweetness beyond your everyday boring routine. The sweetness of a new lover going deeper and deeper than you have ever known. Remember when you first fell in love? Well, I long for that with you! I need you, and you need me. No one taught you how to fall in love. You learned from being in the experience. It just happened.”

Benita: “How do I learn this with you? I don’t even know. I am so new at this.

Sacred Inner Beloved: “It is bliss. Spiritual oneness. A deep and abiding inner relationship … a feeling, a knowing. It’s like being in love with your best friend … fully alive … just like you feel by the Lake and by the ocean. Trust me. Spend time with me. Just be open and listen to me, and write.  Write in your journal and walk with me every day.”

* * *

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Author: Benita A. Esposito, MA is a Licensed Professional Counselor with
offices in Atlanta and Blairsville, GA. Psychotherapy specialties include
deep emotional healing, marriage counseling, couples counseling, pre-marital counseling, divorce adjustment, holistic mind-body-spirit healing, and success skills.  

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