“A Journey into Wholeness” CD

Do you want to reduceAKD0563 insert mcwP001.art stress?  You may never become a black belt karate master, but you can master your mind and emotions.

Mind-chatter and negative self-talk can badger you into believing worrisome pictures of the future. Then your reactive emotions take over and make you feel miserable.  The “Journey into Wholeness” CD helps you stay calm by gaining spiritual insight into your most important life situations.

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Why is this CD So Effective?
Combining evidence-based psychotherapy methods with spiritual principles, this CD helps you develop an intimate relationship with the divine source of all love and wisdom. Pictures and insights will play across your mind as wisdom speaks to you, vanquishing negative self-talk. Deep breathing processes help you relax while you imagine the tranquility of your favorite Nature setting. Soothing words and music enfold you in peace and love. Affirmations enhance your self-worth while increasing your ability to manage difficult emotions. With repeated listening, you’ll be able to quickly return yourself to inner peace over and over again.

Testimonial:  In 2010 I took a Mindfulness & Meditation course for college credit that my university offered. Throughout the course, our professor listened to a plethora of guided mindfulness & meditation CDs. This course and everything I learned was life changing. Since completion of the course, I have applied everything I learned directly into my life. I have listened to a ton of guided meditation CDs, trying to find the one most suited to me. In my search I have also listened to and watched a ton of guided meditations on YouTube. Hands down, Benita Esposito’s  “A Journey into Wholeness” is the best mindfulness and meditation CD I have ever heard!  ~ A.W., Entrepreneur

Creator and Producer: Benita A. Esposito, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

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