Powerful Questions for S.M.A.R.T. Women

Brunett Woman in Red dressHow to Go Beyond Success to True Fulfillment

Have you thought to yourself, “I have reached a measure of success, but I’m still not fulfilled? My work-life balance leaves me feeling stressed. I need to make some changes.” Well, I’m here to encourage you to do just that. Give yourself the gift of sitting down for 30-60 minutes to ask yourself the following powerful questions. Don’t just think about it. Write it.

Before you begin answering the questions, let me give you 5 tips.

Fulfillment Tip #1. Research tells us that when we write our reflections or talk with a trusted person, we succeed the most. If you tend to just think about things instead of journaling, write your reflections. Or, talk with a friend. If you want to make giant leaps, make an appointment with a counselor to get the necessary support to move out of your current comfort zone.

Fulfillment Tip #2.  Do you compare yourself to others and then feel bad because they attained a level of success that you did not? Does the belief that you failed, or that you are not good enough, create anxiety?  Instead of getting caught in that downward spiral, focus your attention on what truly inspires you. Go for it.

Fulfillment Tip #3.  Make sure that you are in touch with your core values which are nested in the deepest part of your Authentic Self. Otherwise, you won’t have enough energy and discipline to succeed over the long run. I can help you find those.

Fulfillment Tip #4.  High-achievers sometimes attain success, but they don’t feel truly fulfilled in the end, or along the way. Sooner or later, they get really stressed. Health and relationships suffer. They get anxious or depressed, and that decreases success.

Fulfillment Tip #5.  High-achievers sometimes get so caught up in doing things to accomplish their goals that they don’t take enough time to rest and connect spiritually. They’re running on fumes. Take time for self-care.

Now, you are ready for the questions.

Settle down with your pen and pad of paper, or your computer. Quiet yourself with a few deep breaths. You might want to listen to soothing music in the background. Keep your notes by your bedside, or post them on the wall by your desk, or on your bathroom mirror. Review them daily for several weeks.

Questions to Create True Fulfillment.

Review your successes from last year.

1. What goals did you achieve?

2. What else happened that you did not consciously ask for?

3. What help did you receive from others to reach your goals?

4. What did your spirituality have to do with your success?

5. What are you grateful for?

6. What did you learn from your successes?

7. What do you want to stop doing that no longer serves you?

Identify your Core Values.

1. What makes your heart sing? What are you truly passionate about? Steven Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People calls this your “true north.”

2. If lack of money were not an issue, what would your ideal life be like?

3. What changes can you make this week, this month, and this year to move toward your ideal life?

Review your failures from last year.

Don’t shy away from these questions. Stay with it. You will gain rich rewards.

1. What did not turn out the way you wanted?

2. What did you learn from your failures?

3. What values motivated your decisions?

4. Are these motivations consistent with your core values – your true north?

Commitments for this year.

1. What do you intend to do differently this coming year?

2. Exactly what support do you need so you will not repeat the same patterns?

3. Who would be a great support person for you? If you do not know, who can you ask for a referral?  A counselor can help here.

4. When will you contact this person or these people?

5. How will you hold your self accountable? Do you want an accountability buddy?

Would you like professional support in the comfort of your own home?

I made a special CD called “Journey into Wholeness” which is designed to help you do several things:

1. Find your true north and stay focused on creating your goals.

2. Eliminate anxiety and negative self-talk.

3. Reprogram limiting beliefs so you stop procrastinating.

4. Receive answers from Divine Guidance so you feel deeply fulfilled.

5. Create true fulfillment, not just ordinary success.

6. Increase self-confidence and self-worth.

7. Manage difficult emotions so they don’t derail you.

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“The trick is to work with the resistance skillfully until you can become non-attached to your old identity. ” ~Benita A. Esposito, MA, LPC