Breathwork Description

Are you looking for a major boost to propel you into your full potential? If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you’ll want to explore Breathwork. Peacock-Eye-150x150

Do you want to …
1. Heal emotions from grief, trauma, neglect or other family of origin issues?
2. Transform unproductive patterns in your relationships, especially emotional reactivity?
3. Develop a deep, rich spiritual connection so you access divine love and guidance?
4. Heal your physical body?
5. Stop sabotaging yourself?
6. Make a major life transition: a career change, a move, or begin or end a relationship?
7. Support others to take major leaps in their personal or professional growth?
8. Feel free as the breeze, wise as a saint, and grounded as an oak tree?

It is possible to make these amazing shifts in just one day. That’s why I love to facilitate these retreats so much.

“I have done personal growth workshops, read tons of self-help books and studied spirituality for 12 years. But none of the things I have done in the past has helped me on all four levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) as much as the breathwork workshops.” – K.P.

Breathwork is a highly effective tool to feel, to heal, and to reach spiritual states of consciousness. Most of the work is done without words, which enables you to bypass your conscious mind and go beyond the limitations of talk therapies. You’ll be breathing deep into your diaphragm–belly breathing–for an hour or more.

I begin by guiding you into a state of deep relaxation. This helps you feel safe enough to explore emotions that have been too uncomfortable to process.

Then evocative music helps you access your primal nature while you feel your body and emotions, ranging from joy to sorrow, anguish to ecstasy. This is an opportunity to feel and heal nonintegrated feelings like fear, insecurity or anger. You might feel emotions that you were too scared to feel before. Or perhaps you were not able to stay totally present and allow the energy to flow through your body.

We only close down when we are too scared to stay fully open. In the closing down, we often experience recurring numbness or emotional and physical pain.

It is not fear, anger, or anguish that is the problem. They are not our enemies and we do not have to get rid of them, release them, pray them away or fill them with light and happiness. We need to simply accept darkness as part of our very human experience and stay open. Just as we experience light when the sun rises in the morning and darkness after the sun sets at night, we can also experience our emotional light and darkness as natural occurrences. It is only when we judge and “stuff” our experiences that our relationship with ourselves or others becomes dis-eased.

Read these client stories about their powerful breathwork experiences.

*** If you are allergic to cats, tell me know before you register so we can discuss if this retreat is appropriate for you. The retreat is held at my home. I have one cat and I can keep her in my garage if necessary.


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Benita Esposito, MA, LPC, Ordained Minister