Newsletter May 2013

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Be compassionate. Speak up. Reach out.

Blairsville, GA Office

Blairsville, GA Office

Do you know someone suffering from depression, grief, trauma or anxiety?  It’s pretty common. One in four adults will experience some kind of mental health difficult challenge during their life.

Too many people suffer needlessly. Well-meaning family members may think their loved one is just being lazy moping around the house, when in fact, they are clinically depressed. A high-achiever may believe they work best under pressure. But when they live with anxiety for several years, it may result in heart disease. Trauma from abuse (physical, verbal, emotional and sexual) may result in anxiety, addiction, depression or thoughts of suicide.  People often think they come through hurtful experiences unscathed, but rarely is that true. Emotional eating and  top the list of symptoms that are only the tip of the iceberg. We must look deeper for the true cause and heal there.

It’s not only individuals who are affected by mental illness. Marriages and parent-child relationships can be ruined when people don’t have the ability to be truly present with their loved ones.

People who grow up in families with turmoil, yelling, icy emotional distance, abuse and frequent criticism are at greater risk for mental illness. If you are a highly sensitive person, you are more susceptible to depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

You can help stop the needless suffering in your family by removing the stigma of asking for help. If you suspected your loved one had heart disease, you wouldn’t think twice about telling him or her to go to the doctor.

Smyrna, GA Office

Smyrna, GA Office

Share these videos to educate your loved ones.  Sometimes, people think they are weak if they have to ask for help. But actually, it takes more courage to reach out for help than to do nothing and continue to suffer.  Calling a professional is a sign of strength. You may contact me by clicking here.

Mental Health Awareness Month PSA

Representative Schlossberg speaks on legislation for Mental Health Awareness Month

Remember: When you take care of yourself, you help all those around you.  What we do (or don’t do) impacts others.

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